You've been living a life, doing all the things... Yet out of the clear blue sky, you find yourself wondering…

Is this it? Is this all my life will be?

You are struggling with important relationships.

You’ve made attempts at establishing a healthy lifestyle.

You know you’re meant for more professionally.

But here you are, merely surviving rather than thriving.

The tears are spent, but the FEARS ARE ALIVE. 

  • You're filled with doubt that all those people who said you’d never fulfill your dreams were right, and that you're not worth investing in. 

  • You see yourself through negative eyes, focusing on flaws and faults and it's keeping you from moving forward. 

  • You hear your inner voice telling you that you are worth it, that you are valuable, capable, desirable, lovable, and deserving, yet you STILL CAN'T MOVE FORWARD. 


You want people you can count on, a healthy body, and a career that fulfills you and provides enough financial freedom to buy the things that you love. 


Yes, it is possible. In fact, it's even probable. You don't need that boyfriend, that spouse, or that limiting mindset...

You just need to be DONE STAYING THE SAME. 

  • Are you ready to take the wheel of your life and steer it in the direction of your own choosing?

  • Are you ready to establish some non-negotiable behaviors that lead to your vitality and ability to LIVE WELL?

  • Are you ready to take action and prove once and for all, not for anyone else, but for yourself, that YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT?

You don't need to become someone new, you just need to learn some new skills, change up those doubts that are on repeat in your head, and give PERMISSION TO LIVE. 

My name is Julie Stenberg, and I WANT TO Guide YOU BACK TO LIFE. 

It breaks my heart to see people mired in the circumstances of life and never feeling they have the ability to change their situation.

Losing a spouse or romantic partner can send a you into a downward spiral that NEVER ENDS and feels like the world is out to get you. 


My Background

Through multiple careers, three universities, John Maxwell Coach and Leadership Certification, and a several years' worth of coach trainings, my background and experience has taught me that I have needed each and every bit of knowledge to serve the vast variety of the human condition.

I've studied with Harvard profs, Fortune 500 leaders and coaches, and best-selling authors.

I've taught Kindergartners to speak Spanish, I've trained college kids in sales, I've explained Shakespeare to gang members, and life skills to teen moms.

I've coached businesses in participative management Toyota-Production-System style, and I've led many one-on-one clients through some of the most heartbreaking and traumatic experiences you can imagine.  

I've used everything I've learned to help each person I touch. 

I am inspired by the human spirit, and for that reason, I serve the people's whose spirit is a little broken, underdeveloped, or just lost.

There is no human that cannot be helped by leadership skills applied to real life situations. We are all leaders. Would you follow you?



Teaching the three-legged-stool philosophy.

Teaching the three-legged-stool philosophy.

Checking in with clients.

Checking in with clients.

Daily personal development practice.

Daily personal development practice.

Speaking to 200+ at the Be Event 2017.

Speaking to 200+ at the Be Event 2017.


My Clients

I wasn't always a CONFIDENCE coach. I came to this niche by experience.

In serving clients and organizations, I found that LACK OF CONFIDENCE was the leading cause of people not fulfilling their potential. Lack of confidence harmed their relationships with their children, caused them to live unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, and created extreme financial struggle in that they never got their ideas off the ground and often overspent to make themselves feel better.

My clients include health care executives, doctors, college professors, stay-at-home-moms, company presidents, aviation professionals, teachers, business owners, retail leaders, college students, insurance salespeople, and fitness professionals.

I have helped families get back together, and I have helped people decide they don't want to stay in the marriage.


I don't have all the answers. You do. 

My job as a coach is to ask the right questions and help you to determine WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, and then to point you toward the VITAL BEHAVIORS that will lead you to the LIFE OF YOUR OWN DESIGN. I help you to find your tribe, increase your positive energy, build relationships that serve you, and discard the ones that don't. I help you get your health and wellness under control, improve your eating habits, build muscle, and increase flexibility and stamina. I help you set your professional and financial goals and determine the steps to get you out of your money woes. YOU ARE THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN LIFE. WOULD YOU FOLLOW YOU? 

So Who am I, Really?

1. I was once blindly recognized by a friend I hadn't seen in 5 years, because she heard me laugh! 

2. When I met my husband, I was dating his best friend, who ended up being the best man in our wedding!

3. When I was a little girl, my oldest brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia; I grew up in a family that had to learn to cope with mental illness at a time when they knew little to nothing about the disease. 

4. I am mom to three boys and a smiling Samoyed named Icy. 



"I hope you decide to move forward with Julie...

She really does make you feel that you have a close friend and confidant who will support you through your challenges. Her priority is your success and if you put in the work necessary and are willing to question old habits, you will indeed be better after working with Julie."

-MFP., healthcare leader, rock-n-roller


"I had been struggling with some major changes in my life, including a divorce,

and just wasn’t getting the results I wanted through therapy. I have made more progress and discovered more about myself in the short time I have been working with Julie than I did in over two years of traditional therapy."

-Nicole DeKlyen, airline professional, mother, entrepreneur

What is one-on-one coaching? 

In your free Coaching Conversation Call, I'll help you:

1. Identify your confidence killers

2. Discover the 3 key areas of focus to move fearlessly into your next steps

3. Create a clear picture of the life you've always wanted

4. Permission to GO AFTER IT!


Next step....