Be Here Now: A Month of Living in the Moment

“Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can't relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don't know if there is one.” 
― George Harrison


Have you ever been in the room, having a conversation, engaging in what you hoped was dialog, only to feel that the other person was not there? I mean, they are sitting before you, flesh and blood…


…but they weren’t really present?


Have you been in a place in time where events were happening, people were moving in and out of the frame, there was conversation (and you were part of it), but you weren’t…


…really there?


Have you ever been in a meeting, where slides were being presented, decisions were being made, talk was being had…


…and no one was there?


I think we’ve all had moments when we’ve “left our brains at work,” or spoken about our “mom brain,” or our “weekend brain,” or our “brain fart.”


When we are doing one thing, but thinking about another, we lose the moment.


We lose time.


Time is the one and only thing that we all receive in equal measure.


Your 24 hours is the same length as my 24 hours.


Time is spent every minute, yet…


…more time can never be earned.  


So why would we waste so much of it FAKING ENGAGEMENT rather that living in the moment?


There was a time when I wished my days away. I was depressed. I was operating on automatic pilot. I was angry. I was blaming everyone else for my circumstances.


And then when time ran out on someone I loved…

…I wised up.


I began to focus on my daily behaviors, finding gratitude in things like the cool side of the pillow and waking up before the alarm.  


As I built a PRACTICE of focusing on the moment, things began to shift.


Suddenly, I wasn’t so overwhelmed by the events in my world.


It was all doable.


I just needed to stop doing more than one thing at a time.


As an educator trained in memory acquisition and knowledge retention, I KNOW THAT MULTI-TASKING DOES NOT WORK.


The operations in the brain do not allow for mental focus on two things, and so when we ask our mind to multi-task, we are asking it to code-switch from one area to another, back and forth, here to there, and frankly, my darling…


…we stop giving a damn about either thing.


Ever try to watch the weather report while responding to an important email?


It takes you twice as long, is half as effective, and you’ll still get caught without an umbrella.


Ever try listening to your niece’s seventh-grade-girl troubles while maneuvering through five o’clock traffic? It’s anyone’s guess whether the horns will blare or the tears will flow first, because…


…you can’t give either task its full measure of respect.


Well I don’t know about you, Darl, but I’m done with the half-listening, half-assed, ineffective methods of going through these precious moments.


I want to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and suck every last drop out of this life, be it in my personal relationships, in my physical pursuits, or my professional endeavors.


I hear LIFE CALLING MY NAME and I’m not about to sit back and try to watch the weather report while I’m creating a life of my own design.


So I’m declaring July 2019 the month to BE HERE NOW.


July in Michigan is THE GREATEST MONTH and I’m not wasting one moment to wishing my time away.


I invite you to join me in my PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for daily info and inspo to BRING YOU BACK TO THE MOMENT, to encourage you to be here now, to experience the life you’ve been gifted, warts and all, and to toss multi-tasking and half-assing in the trash (that’s so 2018).


The year is half over, Babe, and I want to THRIVE on all the good stuff while it’s HOT and I’m ready and willing.


Who’s in it with me?

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