"I’m stuck. I have this life that doesn’t really look like the life I wanted. I’ve had some success, but not nearly what I had hoped. What do i do now?"

Maybe you're struggling to get up in the morning, or you're stumbling over daily activities that used to fulfill you, but now seem so unimportant.

  • You have a few close relationships, but none of them are lighting you up.

  • Your health and wellness isn’t near what it should be and you’re starting to think it’s too late to even try.

  • Your career pays the bills, but some days it’s hard to make yourself get up and do it again.

“Is this it? Do I just wait for something good to happen to get me out of this hole?”

Your family and friends try to offer advice, but you've lost your confidence, and it's hard to determine who is actually on your side. These are the same people that discourage you from trying anything new.

You've seen a therapist and cried your eyes out, but honestly, it's not helping to just TALK ABOUT IT.


But what? 


My mission

To help people remember who they are and get back to making decisions from a position of strength despite life events.  To help people feel secure in their relationships, health, and financial state so they can participate in all the wonders life has to offer. 

"I'm done staying the same; LET'S DO THIS."

  • Step One-- Jump into the driver's seat of YOUR OWN LIFE. You're feelin' fine as wine now that you're taking the wheel! Let's be friends. 

  • Step Two-- Choose a course!



Be a Goal Digger: Free Mini-Course to get you focused on your passions, values and non-negotiables. You've grabbed your life by the horns and decided that it needs an OVERHAUL. You're done with the same-ol'-same-ol' and ready to GET YOUR GOALS IN ORDER! It's a 6 Day Mission to GET RIGHT WITH YOUR SOUL about the important things.


Get a Go For It Life: Call to Confidence Academy: Imagine walking into the room full of people who knew the "old you," except now you have a TRIBE OF SUPPORT and a SEXY SWAGGER to go with your ROCKIN’ BOD, and EASY TO FOLLOW ACTIONS that are building that BIG BANK ACCOUNT you've always dreamed of."


Leveled Up Life: One-on-One Coaching- Picture this, you bring every failure, fear, and traumatic event (yep, bring the dirt, warts and all!) into the ring, and like magic, you've got someone (looks like me!) wrapping it all up into actionable plans to get you the UNCONDITIONAL RELATIONSHIPS, the SEXY SKIN (yeah, you CAN love your body!), and the CAREER CLOUT to finally land some FINANCIAL FREEDOM. 


  • Step Three-- CLICK A BUTTON BELOW AND LET'S DO THIS! Watch your email (be sure to check your junk mail)!


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Jump in the driver's seat of your LIFE!

Just decide that you know there’s more, and you’re coming after it.

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Choose your program:

  1. Be a Goal Digger Free 6 Day Mini-Course

  2. Call to Confidence: Your Guide to a Well-Designed Life

  3. Leveled Up Life: One-on-One Coaching

  4. "I need more info," email: julie@calltoleadcoaching.com

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I can say in the three short months that I’ve been working with Julie, I’ve experienced more discomfort, growth and development in my life than I have since I finished undergraduate college. All of this is because of the way Julie will patiently sprinkle in perspectives on areas of my life that I was ignoring.
— Michael P., Healthcare Director, artist, Renaissance Man

3 Ways to work with me

Everyone deserves a little confidence. Here's your opportunity to HEAL YOURSELF and MOVE ON in a new, improved state of confidence and security. This isn't about the past. THIS IS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE and the LIFE YOU DESIGN. 

I. Be a Goal Digger 6 Day Mini-Course


Figure out What you Really Want

Discover Your Values, Passions, and Non-negotiables

Get Right with Your Personal, Physical, and Professional Life

Finally Understand How Your Actions Align with Your Goals

Commit to Your Goals and Kiss Those Old Doubts Goodbye

II. Get a GO FOR IT Life and Business: Call to Confidence Academy


Give Negativity the Heave-Ho as You Sparkle with Positive Forces

Grow a Gang of Girlfriends Who Get You

Attract Relationships That Matter

Discover Your Personal Style and Never Feel Awkward Again

Get Physical and Sculpt Your Sexy Body and Ditch Emotional Eating

Take Charge of Your Career, Fianaces, and Your Future

III.Leveled Up Life | One-on-One Coaching


Conquer the Self-defeating Patterns of the Past with Personalized 3 Months of Private Coaching

Crush Those Self-Limiting Fears and Defeating Doubts One by One

ROCK OUT Your Personal, Physical, and Professional Goals

Work Through Every Behavior That Keeps You From Achieving Your Best Life

Reveal the Fearless, Fit, and Fabulous You as You Commit to a Lifestyle of Self-Love and Meaningful Actions

Finally Release Yourself from Guilt and Shame with PERMISSION to Take MASSIVE ACTION and Bring Your Plans to LIFE


Now accepting clients for 2019




Q: "What can I expect from taking an online course?"

A. An online course is like having a skilled motivator right in your own home, available when you want it. Work whenever and wherever you want, at your own pace, in your own home. It's a great option for busy people who feel the need to change, but who just don't have an awesome coach nearby.  

Q: "Are the courses going to change my life?”

A. You are the only person who can change your life. The courses are tools and systems designed to help you better understand WHO YOU ARE, and what you want, and will absolutely HELP YOU TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So if you want to change, if you do the work, YES, THE COURSES WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Q: "How are these courses and life coaching in general different from therapy?"

A; Therapy looks into the past, often going way back, at why things are the way they are. Therapy is often focused on diagnosing you with a clinical label. 

Success coaching is more about, "Okay, this is where you're at. What do you do now?"

The courses ask you to mine your past and current situation for clues as to what is holding you back, and then provide the action steps to move forward in a way that aligns with YOUR DESIGN.

While the past is an important tool for examining  your current situation,  life coaching focuses more on setting goals that balance your life and finding behaviors and actions that serve those goals. COACHING IS FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE.  

Q: "I don't even know what kind of life I want. How is a coach going to help me?"

A: Chances are, you've been living the life that someone else wanted for you, and buried deep inside you are all the answers you ever need to know about what you want and why you want it. A coach asks the right questions to help you uncover the long lost treasure that is the real you.

Q: "Is one-on-one coaching like a more detailed course?"

A: No. While coaching always uses research-based techniques, exercises, and behavior modifications, and you will do some of the same work that is offered in a course, one-on-one coaching is personal and about your specific struggles. Together, we will discover your trouble spots and the behaviors you can do to achieve the life you're looking for. 

Coaching is for you if:

  • You desire change, whether it be to improve relationships, lose weight, get promoted or start a business, be more creative, etc, AND you are ready to do the work that it takes to achieve those changes. 

  • You have read self-help books, seen a therapist, worn-out-your-welcome complaining endlessly to your friends and family. 

  • You want to have strong relationships, a strong and healthy body, and upward career and financial momentum. 

Coaching is not for you if:

  • You want to continuously talk over the past or your crappy circumstances.

  • You think others are in control of your life.

  • You don't want to change your present circumstances.